President Obama "fears" Republican Michele Bachmann's presidential campaign, the Minnesota congresswoman said Monday night.

Bachmann, the newly-minted candidate for the GOP presidential nomination, pointed to the president's reelection office's attack against her campaign launch in Iowa today as evidence of their trepidation

"I think clearly what this demonstrates is that the president of the United States is afraid of my candidacy," Bachmann said on Fox News. "He fears me."

Obama campaign press secretary Ben LaBolt slammed Bachmann in a statement, saying that her policies "would erode the path to prosperity for middle class families."

LaBolt went on to criticize Bachmann as a candidate of tax cuts for the wealthy, undoing Medicare, and for repealing Wall Street reforms and maintaining loopholes for oil and gas companies.

"It sounds like political speak to me," Bachmann said in response. "It sounds like a lot of canned phrases coming out of the [sic] Democrat National Committee."

"Clearly the president is on the ropes right now," she added. 

In other news, Bachmann said she received a personal apology from Fox anchor Chris Wallace around "suppertime" on Monday after Wallace had asked Sunday if Bachmann was a "flake." She also let slip that she had spoken with Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) on Friday, primarily to talk about the "Cut, Cap and Balance" pledge the South Carolina conservative is pushing presidential candidates to sign.