Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsmans (R) presidential campaign announced that the executive chairman of Morgan Stanley and the chairman and co-founder of Nike Inc. will serve as the campaigns business and economic advisers.

The Huntsman campaign announced in a statement that Nike co-founder and Chairman Phil Knight; Caesars Entertainment Corporation CEO Gary Loveman; John Mack, chairman of Morgan Stanley and board member of the Bloomberg Family Foundation; and former U.S. Chamber of Commerce Chairman Tom Bell will serve as Huntsmans economic and business advisers.

Mack praised Huntsmans track record as governor of Utah.

He has a proven track record of creating jobs — both in business and as governor of Utah — and we look forward to working with him to move America forward, Mack said.

Recently, Huntsman has been highlighting his jobs record against those of Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R), the two candidates who have led in most of the GOP presidential primary polls. Huntsman touted the additions to the campaign team.

There is no more urgent priority than creating jobs and strengthening our economic core, and these four individuals are invaluable additions to our team, Huntsman said.

Huntsmans announcement comes a day after he criticized President Obamas American Jobs Act and highlighted the need for tax reform and cutting spending to federal programs during a town-hall event in New Hampshire.

This country has hit the wall economically, Huntsman said at the town hall, according to the Concord MonitorWe can no longer afford to say, Medicare is off the table or the Defense Department is off the table. Those days are gone. Weve got to look at our debt and spending.