Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney picked up two more congressional endorsements this week, making him far and away the Republican presidential candidate most endorsed by GOP members of Congress so far.

Freshman Rep. Todd Rokita (Ind.) endorsed Romney on Friday.

“Mitt Romney’s record speaks for itself, and that is why I support his bid for the presidency,” Rokita said in a statement released by Romney’s campaign. “Mitt Romney has proven that he has the much-needed experience to lead the country toward an economic recovery. While President Obama has failed to control spending and get the economy moving, Mitt Romney has a record of cutting taxes, keeping spending low and creating jobs.”

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich.), who shuttered his presidential campaign Thursday, endorsed Romney as the most electable candidate.

“The overarching goal has to be a new president in 2012,” McCotter told ABC News. “It’s not going to be me.”

McCotter said despite having some “major differences” from Romney’s positions, he believed Romney has “the business background people are looking for in tough economic times.”

Romney is in Rokita's home state on Friday, holding fundraising events and an open forum in Indianapolis.