Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman (R) is celebrating a pair of recent polls showing him in double digits among New Hampshire voters as a sign that he is no longer a "margin-of-error candidate."

"We're going to win this state," Huntsman said Saturday at a town hall in Raymond, N.H., according to CBS. "They used to call us the margin-of-error candidate when I first came here. I can't say that anymore. I can't say we're the margin-of-error candidate. The last polls that came out, we're bumping up to ... 10 percent in the polls."

Two polls showed Huntsman polling in double digits among New Hampshire Republican voters last week. Although neither poll had him leading the Republican presidential field, they were a promising improvement for his campaign, which has lagged behind most of the Republican presidential field in the polls since he jumped into the race.

A Suffolk University poll had Huntsman with 10 percent approval, behind only former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (with 41 percent) and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) (14 percent).

Huntsman also placed fifth in a poll conducted by the Republican American Research Group that also had him at 10 percent, behind Romney (30 percent), Texas Gov. Rick Perry (13 percent) and Paul (12 percent). The ARG poll also found 12 percent of Republican voters are undecided on their preferred candidate.

"A new poll just released shows Governor Huntsman’s support jumping in New Hampshire, and confirms what we have known all along about Jon: once you get to know him, you’re for him," Huntsman campaign manager Matt David wrote in an email on Thursday.