The super-PAC for Jon Huntsman's presidential campaign released its first ad on Monday.

The 60-second ad, produced by the Our Destiny PAC, features a number of people speaking directly into the camera and implies an attack on Mitt Romney, Huntsman's biggest rival in New Hampshire.

"The world is literally collapsing and no one has shown up we can trust as a conservative," one person says.

"Not some phony, who tells me one thing and you another," another person says, which seems to reference conservative complaints that Romney has flip-flopped on some social issues.

The ad then goes on to stress Huntsman's conservative credentials, citing praise by the Boston Globe and Wall Street Journal as well as the former Utah governor's background as a two-term governor and three-time ambassador. The ad closes with a person asking "why haven't we heard of this guy?"

According to Our Destiny spokesman Brian Nick, the ad will start airing statewide in New Hampshire Tuesday morning.

"The ad is a substantial buy that will run statewide in New Hampshire on broadcast and cable," according to Nick.

Nick did not elaborate on how much the ad buy is.

Our Destiny's decision to air the ad in New Hampshire follows with Huntsman's current strategy for winning the Republican nomination. Romney's campaign is also banking on a New Hampshire win. In the face of low national poll numbers, Huntsman is hoping that he can perform well in New Hampshire and use the victory in the early primary state to fuel future wins elsewhere.

Watch the ad below: