The 25 votes Romney stated still wouldn't give him the win.

The former Massachusetts governor's campaign has tried to diminish the importance of the recount in hopes that it doesn’t alter the narrative of an inevitable Romney nomination.

Romney also said that he would have spent less time talking about the other Republican candidates, and talked more about the deficiencies of President Obama.

Santorum said he wouldn’t change anything.

“For me to be standing here in the final four is about as amazing a thing as I could ever have conceived of happening,” he said. “Someone who had no money, who lost his last race, who everyone basically ignored as I travelled around South Carolina, Iowa and New Hampshire, and just talked to people – 700 town hall meetings. And it proved that good ideas and hard work still pay off in America.”

Ron Paul, who is sometimes criticized for getting lost in the minutia of his nuanced stances on economics and foreign policy, said he could learn to be a better deliverer of his message.

“I think that if I spoke a littler slower and with more conviction that I could do a better job,” he said. “I think it’s a great message.”