Winning Our Future, a super-PAC backing Newt Gingrich's presidential campaign, has bought $6 million in Florida advertising, spokesman Rick Tyler told The Hill Tuesday afternoon.

The ad buy comes a day after the group received an additional $5 million from billionaire casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, a friend of Gingrich. The money will allow the former Speaker to remain competitive on the airwaves in Florida, a state that costs approximately $8 million a week for advertising.


Gingrich badly trails Mitt Romney in cash on hand, but the support the group will provide will go a long way toward making up for that in the Sunshine State, where Gingrich has shot ahead of the former Massachusetts governor in recent polls.

The group will use that commercial air time to blast Romney on healthcare, tying him to President Obama on the issue.

A new ad shows clips of Romney talking about how an individual mandate in healthcare should be a national model and had worked in Massachusetts, and saying he was "glad" that Obama had included a healthcare exchange in his own plan.

"Romneycare sent costs spiraling out of control, hiking premiums, squeezing household budgets," the ad's narrator says. "Now, desperate to save his failing campaign, Romney promises to repeal Obamacare. How can we trust him?"

Watch the ad here.

Romney had been the only presidential candidate on the air in the Sunshine State. And a super-PAC supporting his campaign has aired commercials targeting Gingrich. Restore Our Future, the pro-Romney group, made another big ad buy on Monday, CNN reported, purchasing $4.5 million in ad time on top of the $3.2 million they've already spent.

Gingrich complained about spending by Restore Our Future in Iowa, where they attacked him heavily in the closing days of the caucus. The former Speaker finished fifth there.