The ads attack each state's current front-runner, slamming Santorum in Ohio, Tennessee and Oklahoma and hitting Newt Gingrich in Ohio, the only state where he is leading in the polls.

The additional buy is $1.3 million, making the total close to $2.5 million. The group is now spending approximately $600,000 in Ohio, $600,000 in Tennessee, $1 million in Georgia and $350,000 in Oklahoma — small buys in comparison to the multiple millions of dollars the group was able to spend in the early-voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida.

Because the states will award some of their delegates proportionally by district, Romney has made a push for more suburban and wealthier areas of those states. In Ohio he is focused on winning the statewide vote, which would cement him as the front-runner going forward and make him very hard to catch.