As gas prices have risen over the past few weeks, energy has become a prominent topic on the campaign trail. On Friday, Romney launched a new attack line against Obama, saying: "He keeps talking about alternative energy; the real thing we need is an alternative president."

Romney has taken aim at Obama over the price of gas, saying he holds him responsible for "a series of policies that say oil, natural gas, coal are not going to be used as effectively in this country as they could be."

The White House has responded that the price of oil is set on the global market, with Romney firing back this week that Obama is looking for someone to blame. 

"Of course, we're all in favor of green energy, renewable energy, solar, wind. But they represent 1, 1.5, 2 percent of the energy the nation uses. We have to have carbon-based fuels as well," said Romney, speaking to Fox News from the campaign trail in Illinois. "[Obama] has done everything in his power to make it harder to get oil and natural gas in this country."

Romney also had a few words for his competitors in the GOP race, claiming he is ahead in the race because he understands how the economy works. 

"I've lived in the economy," Romney said. "These other guys talk about the economy just like they talked about it in the subcommittees in Congress."