The Chicago Tribune on Friday endorsed Mitt Romney for president, just four days ahead of the Illinois primary.

"While three of the Republican candidates were giving speeches and casting votes in Congress, one of these four was managing, and sometimes salvaging, large enterprises in the public and private sectors," the editorial read.


The Tribune praised Romney on his economic experience.

"For his demonstrated abilities and the economic pragmatism at his core, the Tribune endorses former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts as the Republicans' best, most responsible choice in Tuesday's Illinois primary," the editorial read. "We're far more confident that Romney is the candidate best equipped to keep the U.S. from devolving into New Europe."

The endorsement included one "caveat," though. It called for the former Massachusetts governor to become more specific about some of his proposals for reviving the economy.

In the lead up to Tuesday the field has focused mostly on economic issues in Illinois — a likely sign that the candidates feel attacking opponents and hyping records on the economy will resonate more with voters in the reliably Democratic state.