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Sarah Palin hits back at ‘annoying little mosquito’ Bill Maher

Maher became the subject of conservative ire after his show this past Friday, where he said: “Did you hear this — Sarah Palin finally heard what happened in Japan and she’s demanding that we invade ‘Tsunami.’ I mean, she said, ‘These “Tsunamians” will not get away with this.’ Oh, speaking of dumb twats … “

Even the National Organization for Women defended Palin. But in an interview with Fox News on Wednesday, Palin rejected the response from NOW, telling Greta Van Susteren, “I don’t want them to defend me.” 

On her Facebook page Thursday, Palin employed the same language she was criticized for by some earlier in the year, titling the post, “Lamestream Media: Reload or White Flag?”

The former Alaska governor took the occasion to criticize the press, encouraging her supporters not to back down and to “stay focused” in the face of “blatant media bias.”

“I was raised to believe that you don’t retreat when you’re on solid ground; so even though it often seems like I’m armed with just a few stones and a sling against a media giant, I’ll use those small resources to do what I can to set the record straight,” Palin wrote. “I’ll keep correcting false reporting, and I’ll defend others to the hilt, but I won’t spend any more precious, limited time responding to personal, vulgar, sexist venom spewed my way.”

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