Rep. Mike Castle (R-Del.) said Wednesday that he has no intention of debating Christine O'Donnell, his opponent in the state's Sept. 14 Republican Senate primary.

Castle, the front-runner in the race for Vice President Joe Biden's former Senate seat, accused O'Donnell's campaign of "misrepresenting" his record and said he would not provide her a platform to continue the tactic.

"I have no intention of talking to her," Castle told the Delaware News-Journal. "The O'Donnell campaign has been based from the very inception on misrepresenting my record and using the lowest tactics that Delaware has ever seen in a campaign. I don't intend to give her a forum to keep spreading misrepresentations about me or anything I've ever done." 

After the stunning primary victory of Tea Party-backed Joe Miller in Alaska's Senate primary, O'Donnell has been trying to convince conservative activists that she can do the same in Delaware later this month. 

In an interview with The Hill last week, O'Donnell appealed for outside help from conservative groups like the Tea Party Express and the Club for Growth, saying the outside money would give her campaign the "extra push" it needs to pull even with Castle. 

The Tea Party Express is already running TV and radio ads in Delaware hitting Castle, but the Club for Growth has steered clear of the primary.

O'Donnell has assailed Castle's voting record in Congress as liberal and expressed fears that once in the Senate, he would vote with the Democratic leadership on Obama administration priorities like cap-and-trade. 

For his part, Castle has largely refused to engage O'Donnell, leaving that to the state Republican Party, which has hit O'Donnell's finances. Delaware's state party chairman has pointed to previous campaign debt and back taxes, which O'Donnell said is due to an IRS error.