Business mogul Donald Trump will join presidential candidate Michele Bachmann Monday for a tele-town-hall meeting to talk economic issues.

Trump hasn't endorsed a 2012 candidate, but the leading contenders have all visited him to eagerly court his endorsement. The billionaire and reality TV star publicly flirted with a presidential bid earlier this year before bowing out.


Bachmann's town-hall meeting will be the first such event Trump has participated in for any of the GOP hopefuls.

Ahead of a CNN debate Tuesday for GOP candidates in Las Vegas, the Minnesota congresswoman has also been putting her hard-line stance on immigration at the top of her agenda. On Sunday, she signed a pledge to build a fence along the entire Mexican border — a position that puts her considerably to the right of Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

On Monday, Bachmann will meet with Arizona lawmakers about border security, where she is likely to reiterate her support for Arizona's tough new immigration law. The law gives police there the ability to detain anyone suspected of being in the country illegally.

Bachmann announced over the weekend that she had raised $4.1 million during the third quarter of 2011, a figure that was far outpaced by her leading GOP rivals but which left her with $1.5 million in the bank following a quarter where many expected her campaign would be in debt. Bachmann's campaign said almost 100,000 contributions, averaging $42 each, built up her third-quarter haul.