Gas prices and the economy were the top issues on the minds of voters on Super Tuesday, according to exit polls. 

Seven in 10 voters in the seven Super Tuesday states that hold primaries said the price of gas was an important topic in deciding who to vote for in the GOP presidential primary, according to CBS News. Southern states seemed to care most about gas prices: in Georgia, 81 percent said it was the top issue in deciding, while in Oklahoma, 79 percent said it was the most important. In Tennessee, 77 percent it was important.


The Associated Press found that the economy was also a top issue influencing voters as they went to the polls. 

Displeasure with the federal government was also strong among voters in Republican primary contests. In Ohio, eight in 10 voters surveyed in exit polls said they were unhappy with the federal government, and four in 10 said they were outright angry. 

On the day of the primary, two polls found Mitt Romney likely to win in Ohio, a blow to Rick Santorum, who had previously been leading there and who has been trying to win over blue-collar voters — a large constituency in Ohio. A Quinnipiac University poll found Romney with 34 percent support in Ohio, followed by Santorum with 31 percent.