Trump: I created tens of thousands of jobs
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“I have created tens of thousands of jobs,” the business mogul and possible 2016 White House contender told the Iowa Republican Party’s Lincoln Dinner on Saturday.
Trump promised to make an announcement in June that he says will surprise many people. He said the announcement will come because he “cannot take the political nonsense anymore.”
“We can’t have four more years of the kind of thinking in Washington that we have had almost the last eight years,” he told the crowd.
Trump slammed President Obama’s White House on international dealings.
On the Iran deal, Trump said of Obama, “He doesn’t have a clue.”
On China: “One by one, they take our jobs. … They take our billions and trillions of dollars and then loan it back to us.”
Trump pledged to use his experience as a developer to fix the country’s southern border. 
“I would build a wall the likes of which no one has ever seen before,” he said.