Carson: Political experience not needed to be a good president
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“I’ve had decades of experience on corporate boards seeing how things work efficiently and inefficiently,” he said at the inaugural “Roast and Ride” in Boone, Iowa.
“Our government is incredibly inefficient at this stage right now,” he said.
“There are a lot of people in politics who are wise and can solve our problems,” Carson added. “But there’s some people in politics I wouldn’t let tie my shoes.”
Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, hit back at claims his medical career meant he was unqualified on issues like finances or foreign policy.
“The government is not supposed to tell us what to do,” he said, citing ObamaCare as an example. “If we accept that, it will continue to erode our freedoms.”
Carson said the economy offered proof that the “experts” did not always have the correct lawmaking solutions.
“One of our most severe problems is the stagnant economy,” he said.  “As we go forward, something has to give.”