Trump mocks Bush over Common Core, immigration
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In an interview on Fox News Channel’s “On the Record,” Trump was asked whether he’d consider running as an independent if he didn’t win the Republican nomination. Trump said he believed he’d do well running a third-party candidacy, but his intent right now is to run as a Republican.
“I will say that I love the Republican Party, [but] I think they’re making tremendous mistakes,” Trump said. “I think they’re far too weak on immigration. I think they’re weak on a lot of things.”
“I watched Jeb Bush,” he continued. “I think it’s pathetic what’s going on, his stance on Common Core. He’s in favor of Washington educating your children. His weak stance on immigration — he said it’s an act of love. I mean what kind of stuff is that? It’s baby stuff.”
On Saturday, Bush denounced controversial remarks Trump made in his presidential launch speech, in which he said some immigrants entering the U.S. illegally are criminals and rapists.
Bush called the remarks “extraordinarily ugly,” said they were meant to “inflame and incite.” Bush argued they’re “not reflective of the Republican Party.”
“Trump is wrong on this,” Bush said.
Trump responded by mocking Bush for stumbling over a question about the Iraq War earlier this year and calling attention to past comments the former Florida governor made that some illegal immigrants come to the U.S. seeking to be reunited with their families out of an “act of love.”