Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s standing in the GOP presidential race will improve once people understand the turnaround he managed in his home state, he said on Sunday.

“When people see the benefits of our reforms — just like they did four years ago — I think our numbers will go up again,” Walker said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”


“Four years ago, I was so low in the polls they called me ‘Dead Man Walker,’ because back then, we were pushing big, bold reforms,” he said. “A year later, I won the recall with a higher number of votes.”

“Why? Because our reforms worked.”

“I'm the kind of leader who's going to go out and say, ‘I don't care about the next election,’” Walker added. “I care about what's right for the next generation.”

Walker’s made his comments as poll numbers continue to increase for Donald Trump, whose dominance over the Republican primary competition has lasted for weeks.

Walker is currently ranked sixth in the RealClearPolitics polling average, with support in the single digits.

The Wisconsin governor denied that Trump is affecting his game plan and instead compared himself to both President Obama and former Republican presidential nominees John McCain and Mitt Romney, all of whom were behind at this point in previous races.

“For us, I think the biggest spark for us is getting the message out that now's not the time to put in place someone who hasn't been tested before,” Walker said.