Fiorina officially makes cut for main debate stage
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CNN on Thursday made it official: Carly Fiorina has arrived as major presidential contender.
The network revealed that 11 Republican presidential candidates will be on the prime-time debate next Wednesday, with Fiorina as the new addition to the field.
The 10 candidates that made the prime-time stage for Fox News’s August debate also make the cut this time.
The network ranked the candidates by performance in national polls. Their ranking of the candidates who made the cut, in order, was:
2. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush
3. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker
4. Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson
7. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee
9. Ohio Gov. John Kasich
10. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie
11. Fiorina
The candidates will be organized on the stage with the highest-ranked near the center and the lower-ranked on the flanks.
CNN also announced the lineup for the earlier debate.

 Updated at 8:17 p.m.