Ohio Gov. John Kasich chided allies of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush on Friday, after reports that a pro-Bush super-PAC has started researching at his congressional library collection.
“I would think they are in there because they are getting nervous,” Kasich said at a news conference in New Hampshire, according to footage provided by the Democratic rapid-response group American Bridge.
“When you are trailing in places like New Hampshire, where John Sununu has built a great team, and not doing so hot in other places, of course they are going to go looking around at who might be the mature adult who knows how to reform and fix things and be a leader rather than an administrator.”
John Sununu, the former New Hampshire senator, is aiding Kasich’s effort in the state.
Kasich’s comments are in response to multiple media reports that staffers from the pro-Bush super-PAC Right to Rise are digging through his papers at the John R. Kasich Congressional Collection at the Westerville Public Library in Ohio. 
Reuters noted this week that two Right to Rise staffers were watching old videos of Kasich at the exhibit, which includes a replica of his congressional office.  
“We were fascinated by Gov. Kasich's talk about his congressional record and wanted to read more,” Right to Rise spokesman Paul Lindsay told the Columbus Dispatch. “Westerville is a lovely town this time of year.”
Kasich brought up the opposition researchers at a separate event when he was being asked about his record while in Congress.
“How did you know that? I thought you were in the library with the Bush people,” he joked.
“Come on Jeb, you’ve got better things to do than investigate me. … Then again, maybe you don’t.”
Per election rules, Right to Rise doesn’t coordinate with the Florida governor’s official campaign, but they both share the key goal of helping to elect Bush to the White House. 
In a subsequent interview with Bloomberg, Kasich admitted that type of research could come in the future. 
"We're certainly not going into their libraries or something," he said. 
"At some point, we'll probably do that. Is it a little early for that? Maybe not."
He added that he didn't check with any of his staff to see if they had used similar tactics.