Trump reiterated his opposition to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s claim that his brother “kept us safe” as president. But, pressed by host Stuart Varney on Fox Business’s “Varney & Co.,” the business mogul agreed that Clinton also bore some responsibility.
“He should have maybe been more vigilant,” Trump said. “And he actually said he knew about Osama bin Laden. I knew about Osama bin Laden, because I wrote about him in my book, I think 19 months before the World Trade Center came down.”
Buzzfeed reported Monday that, in 2000, Trump warned in his book “The America We Deserve” that the U.S. was facing an imminent major terrorist attack.
“One day we’re told that a shadowy figure with no fixed address named Osama bin-Laden is public enemy number one, and U.S. jetfighters lay waste to his camp in Afghanistan,” he wrote prior to the 2001 attacks. “He escapes back under some rock, and a few news cycles later it’s on to a new enemy and new crisis.”
On Tuesday, Trump insisted that he has “no fight” with Jeb Bush, repeatedly calling him “a nice person.” But he continued to attack Bush’s claim that George W. Bush “kept us safe” during his presidency.
“It wasn’t safe, because the World Trade Center fell down under your brother’s regime,” the businessman said. 
“So the world wasn’t safe, and the country wasn’t safe. We had the biggest catastrophe … we’ve ever had in history under your brother,” he added.
Trump said Jeb Bush could have tried to claim his brother kept the nation safe after the 2001 attacks, before adding: “But of course, then we went into the war in Iraq, and that was a disaster.”