“When you suffer from pathological disease, you’re not really getting better unless you start taking pills and things,” Trump said on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” on Friday.
“Do you think that’s the right temperament to be president? I don’t think so,” he added.
Trump added that the media investigation into Carson’s past is worthwhile and not just a witch hunt.
“I don’t think it’s small ball if you have somebody that admits that he suffers from pathological disease,” Trump said.
“You don’t get better. If it’s in your stream, it’s in your stream.”
In the same Fox News interview, Trump refused to say whether he would send ground troops into Syria to battle the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
He advocated bombing oil fields to cut off the terrorist group’s revenue stream.
“I would go after them, I would go after them so hard, so fast,” Trump said. “And one of the things all of a sudden you hear other candidates saying what I’ve been saying for two years, three years. Number one, we should have never been in Iraq, but we went there. Big mistake. I said take the oil.”
“With ISIS, they’re making a fortune on oil. Bomb the hell out of the oil,” he added.
The businessman also said Russia’s involvement in the fight against ISIS is “terrific.”