Carly Fiorina is defending her decision not to correct a man who characterized President Obama as a “black Muslim” at a diner in New Hampshire.
Fiorina said it wasn’t her job to defend the president, noting that he “isn’t on the ballot.”
“I’ve said on many occasions: President Obama tells me he’s a Christian; I take him at his word,” she said on Fox News on Friday. “But the truth is, President Obama isn’t on the ballot.”
The former Hewlett-Packard CEO said it’s her job to defeat Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton in 2016.
“The person who’s on the ballot, who’s going to be on the ballot on the Democratic side, is Hillary Clinton,” Fiorina said.
“And so I talk about the issues that face our nation, and I talk about how it is that I can beat Hillary Clinton, because in the end, we have to win the White House,” she added.
While Fiorina was campaigning in New Hampshire on Friday, a man referred to Obama as a “black Muslim” and said “he doesn’t want this country to get ahead.”
Fiorina responded that “it’s time to do something different in many ways” as she walked away.