Huckabee: Planned Parenthood shooter might not have seen anti-abortion videos
© Greg Nash

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is questioning whether the man who allegedly attacked a Planned Parenthood clinic last week was motivated by a series of videos accusing the organization of selling fetal tissue for profit.

The Republican presidential hopeful pointed to the lack of electricity in Robert Dear's home, questioning how he could have seen the videos.


“To begin with, his background strongly suggests mental problems. He has a series of strange run-ins with the police, he reportedly registered to vote as a woman and registered unaffiliated with any party,” Huckabee said on his “Huckabee Exclusive” podcast on Wednesday, first reported by BuzzFeed Politics.

“And he lived in a tiny hermit cabin in the mountains with no electricity, which would seem to make it hard to watch Internet videos,” he added.

Dear reportedly mentioned “baby parts” after he was arrested, but authorities have not confirmed the report.

“Of course, the complete lack of evidence didn’t stop President Obama from calling for more gun-control laws, and it certainly didn’t stop Planned Parenthood from politicizing the tragedy and trying to tar all abortion opponents as accessories to mass murder,” he said. “Truly ironic considering the source.”

The former governor also said the attack was an odd way of demonstrating an anti-abortion animus, noting that the victims were all killed outside of the clinic.

“You’d think that a mad man fired up by hate speech would walk into the office he was targeting, then pull out a gun and start firing,” he said.

Three people, including a police officer, were killed in the Colorado Springs, Colo., attack last Friday.