Trump’s speech was halted by at least five interruptions. Reports from the event indicated there may have been as many as 10 separate incidents.
Some of the protesters shouted "black lives matter," Raleigh's ABC affiliate reported.
Trump decried in the interruptions.  
“Isn’t it a shame, look at this, thousands of people are pouring in, and we have to get rid of one person who’s wasting our time,” he said during one early stoppage. “With all of the people here, we have to waste time on one or two people. It’s really ridiculous.”
The business mogul said the protesters were coordinated in their effort to ruin his rally, saying they are “individual people, but they’re all friends. They all want to make havoc.”
Interrupted one more time at the end of the event, Trump said he suspected one protester that had been ejected from the venue had gotten back in.
- Updated at 9:19 p.m.