Cruz: Rubio supports Obama-Clinton foreign policy agenda
“One of the problems with Marco’s foreign policy is he far too often supported Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama, undermining governments in the Middle East that has helped radical Islamic terrorists,” Cruz said. 
“We need to focus on killing the bad guys, not getting stuck in Middle Eastern wars that don’t keep America safe.”
Rubio has accused Cruz of weakening national defense by voting to end mass surveillance techniques used by the National Security Agency, and for voting against national defense reauthorization bills he says are vital for a well-funded military.
“We do need our defense capabilities. The cuts we’re facing today and the cuts Sen. Cruz supported would leave us with a smaller Army and Navy than the one we’re going to be left with,” Rubio said Tuesday. 
“And the final point is, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s strategy is to lead from behind. It sounds like what [Cruz is] outlining is not to lead at all. We cannot continue to outsource foreign policy.”