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Trump calls for more prisoners in Gitmo

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Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump says he opposes President Obama’s goal of shuttering the Guantánamo Bay prison camp in Cuba and would instead fill it with more prisoners.
Obama told reporters Friday that U.S. officials are systematically emptying the prison of suspected jihadists and that he hopes to close it before leaving office at the end of next year.
{mosads}Trump said he would take a diametrically opposed approach.
“I would leave it just the way it is, and I would probably fill it up with more people that are looking to kill us,” he said in an interview airing Sunday on “Election Central with Rita Cosby” on WABC radio.
The billionaire businessman added that Obama has been “a terrible president.
“Everything he does is not good,” he said.
The number of prisoners in Guantánamo has dwindled to 107, according to Reuters.
Trump argued it will cost hundreds of millions of dollars — perhaps as much as $650 million — to close the prison located on a U.S. naval base in Cuba.
“It turns out to be very expensive. There are hundreds of millions of dollars to do it, and I wouldn’t do it,” he noted.
“It’s there, it’s secure, it’s inexpensive, because we’ve already, you know, paid for it. I mean, you know they’re talking about building new places, and doing tremendous amounts of work and effort and who knows what’s going to happen,” he added.  
Trump also said it would serve as an effective deterrent of terrorism if more civilians carried firearms.
He argued that the death tolls from the Paris attacks and the San Bernardino, Calif., shootings would have been smaller if people at the scenes were armed.
“If you had a few guns of those rooms in Paris, or if you had a couple of people with guns strapped around their ankle, as opposed to being sitting ducks, you wouldn’t have had the problem,” he said.
“Instead, nobody had a gun except the bad guys, and when the bad guys have a gun and the good guys don’t, it’s very simple math it’s not to work out well,” he added.
Reacting to a recent threat that closed all Los Angeles school districts this past week, Trump said schools must have metal detectors and armed guards.
“That was a big deal. I was out there actually when they closed the school system. And closing the school system for a day, it’s a very, very big and very, very expensive deal,” he said.
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