Ohio Gov. John Kasich compares former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush to obsolete technologies and the “Macarena” in a new presidential campaign ad.
“Jeb loves the good ole’ days,” the video says over decade-plus old footage of Bush as a governor. “Here are some of his favs!”
The ad, called “Jeb Bush: Gov. Good Ole Days,” then shows commercials and footage of:
— Sony’s Betamax, a videocassette technology that was first released in 1975,
— The AMC Pacer, a two-door car that was produced in the 1970s, 
— ColecoVision, a video game console discontinued in 1985, and
— “Macarena,” a novelty megahit song from 1995 by one-hit-wonder Los Del Rio.
To further hammer home the message, the video’s caption on YouTube reads: “He hasn't been Gov for almost a decade, but Jeb Bush still loves the good ole days. Here are some of his other favs from back when…”
Both Kasich and Bush have hitched their presidential hopes to New Hampshire, the second-voting state in the primary system.
Katich is in fifth place in the state with 9 percent support, according to a RealClearPolitics average of polls, while Bush is in sixth with 7.8 percent.