GOP senator endorses Rubio
Inhofe said Rubio was “a solid conservative” and the GOP’s best chance to knock off Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, in a statement provided to The Oklahoman.
“Marco and I have shared, similar values, such as working for a smaller federal government and putting an end to wasteful spending,” Inhofe said.
“At the same time, we both recognize the need for the United States to be a global leader and that it requires a well-supported, world-class military that can safely and effectively answer when called upon,” he added.
Inhofe touted Rubio’s experience on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, saying the Florida senator “has demonstrated sound judgment in knowing who our allies are and who they are not.”
Inhofe hinted at an endorsement last week, when he called Rubio “one that I really do like.”
“I’d love to see him in a debate with Hillary [Clinton] just for my own personal entertainment,” Inhofe said last week.
Inhofe supported then-Texas Gov. Rick Perry in the 2012 Republican presidential primary race.