Carson: ‘Wouldn’t surprise me’ if Iowa rumors came from top of Cruz campaign
“The way that they coordinated that, and to be able to get that information disseminated so quickly to all those places, obviously that was not done by some rogue individual,” Carson told host Rita Cosby on WABC’s “Election Central with Rita Cosby” on Friday.
A pair of voicemails obtained by Breitbart News on Thursday revealed Cruz staffers telling Iowa precinct captains to tell Carson supporters not to vote for the neurosurgeon because he was dropping out of the campaign.
The calls, made at 7:07 and 7:29 p.m., came after the Carson campaign clarified an earlier CNN report that said he was going back to Florida to take a breather from the campaign trail.
Carson said he would judge Cruz’s complicity by how he treats the staffers who did it.
“If he agrees with those kinds of shenanigans, then do nothing. And if he does not agree with them, then obviously some heads should roll,” he said.
“Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if in fact that's the kind of person he is,” Carson added.
The retired neurosurgeon called the moment a “beautiful opportunity” for voters to evaluate Cruz.
He compared his own recent decisive action in cutting his campaign staff to Cruz, who has apologized for the incident but has not publicly disciplined any staff.
“Is that the kind of leader you want, or do you want a leader who says, ‘Well I don’t agree with it, but it’s okay. What difference does it make?’ ” he asked.
“If in fact he agrees with this kind of shenanigan, then clearly that would be somebody that would give me pause.”