Trump: Cruz has no supporters in Senate and his filibuster did nothing
“You look at a guy like Ted Cruz, he’s a nasty guy. He doesn’t have one Republican endorsement from the Senate and he works with the Senate,” Trump said at MSNBC’s town hall in South Carolina. “Not one senator has endorsed him, and he’s a senator.”
The real estate mogul also slammed Cruz for his 2013 filibuster to try to fight ObamaCare, saying the Texan "accomplished nothing."
“It’s fine to stand in the floor of the Senate for a day or two days and have everyone else in the Senate laughing at you and you do nothing,” Trump said.
“I mean, he accomplished nothing with that. He talked and talked and talked for two days, he filibustered for two days, he got nothing out of it.”
The feud between Trump and Cruz has flared up again in the days leading up to the South Carolina GOP primary. 
Trump has threatened legal action against Cruz and sent him a cease-and-desist letter over an ad running in South Carolina that frames Trump as a supporter of abortion rights. The ad uses a clip from 1999 where Trump calls himself “very pro-choice.”
Cruz fired back at a press conference Wednesday, encouraging the billionaire to follow through on what he called "frivolous lawsuits."
Trump hit back later that day, attributing Cruz’s recent attacks to “tanking” poll numbers.
Trump holds a steady lead in South Carolina among the GOP field. New polls released earlier Wednesday found that he maintains a double-digit lead over Cruz
But a surprising new national poll found Cruz ahead of Trump by 2 points. Up until then, the real estate mogul had held the top spot in the previous 31 consecutive national polls.