Wall Street Journal calls on Trump to release tax returns
© Greg Nash
The newspaper’s conservative-leaning editorial board wrote Friday that Trump must prove he is as successful in the business world as he says he is.
“One of Donald Trump’s claims to presidential competence is his business and financial success, and so he should want voters to see the proof beyond the gilded staircases,” they wrote. “He could enhance his credibility on the point by releasing his tax returns.”
The Journal catalogued Trump’s repeated dodges on the question of his tax returns. They noted that he said in January that “I have everything all approved,” but said last week that the returns will still take several months.
“Waiting that long suggests that he’d wait until he wins or loses the nomination, which means before primary voters can get a look,” the editorial said.
It warned Trump against falling into the same “bad political mistake” 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney made in waiting until two months before that election to release his returns, allowing Democrats to spread speculation about Romney’s finances.
Trump on Wednesday accused the Journal of having it out for him, pointing to his poor numbers in polls conducted by the newspaper.
“I think somebody at the Wall Street Journal doesn’t like me,” he said at an MSNBC town hall in Charleston, S.C.
“I think most of the polls were taken after the debate and they worked out good for me,” Trump said. "I have never done well with the Wall Street Journal poll. I don’t know. They do these small samples and I don’t know exactly what it represents.”