Trump: We've had enough debates
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“We’ve had enough debates in my opinion," Trump at during a press conference in Miami, where he accepted the endorsement of former rival Ben Carson.
"They’ve been like Vince McMahon should have put them on, because they were WWE. Too much."
"I didn't know there was a next debate," Trump said when asked whether he would attend the next debate.
"This has been a ratings bonanza, and I would do a debate if the networks agreed to give the proceeds to the Wounded Warriors or veterans," he added.
"It's time to end the debates."
After Thursday night's debate, Trump acknowledged that he is getting tired of the debates but said he would participate in the remaining two scheduled debates.
Trump added Friday that it would be “nice” to close the debate season after Thursday’s debate, which focused on policy and had fewer personal attacks than previous events.
“How many times do you have to give the same answer to the same question?” he asked.
“The networks want them, I don’t think any of the candidates want them at this point."
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