Cruz could gain 10 more delegates from Louisiana: report
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Cruz and Trump both got 18 delegates from the March 5 primary, which Trump won by nearly 4 percentage points.
Trump has won 739 delegates so far, with 1,237 required to clinch the GOP nomination. Cruz has 465 delegates and John Kasich has 143. There are 944 delegates still up for grabs.
Cruz has very slim chances of clinching the nomination outright, but he is seeking to keep Trump from reaching 1,237 delegates, which would force a contested convention.
Cruz’s supporters have scooped up five of Louisiana’s six positions on the Republican convention’s rule-writing committees, the Journal reported.
If Trump doesn’t reach the delegate threshold to win the GOP nomination on the first ballot, Cruz-dominated committees could work to block Trump from winning enough delegates to claim the nomination on following ballots.