Panetta: Trump and Cruz ‘dangerous’ to national security
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“Both Trump and Cruz’s approaches are the kind of shoot-from-the-hip slogans that demonstrate what I fear is stunning lack of knowledge about national security and fundamental values,” Panetta said during a conference call with reporters Friday, according to ABC News.
Panetta served as CIA director as well as Defense secretary under President Obama.
“What we’re hearing from the Republican candidates on the other side are very irresponsible and dangerous proposals that I think will put our national security at risk and further divide us from very allies that we need in order to win this war against ISIS,” he said.
Cruz called for authorities to monitor Muslims living in the United States following the Brussels attacks, creating a political firestorm when he suggested cops should “patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods.”
Trump echoed Cruz’s suggestion and added that the U.S. should begin torturing terror suspects to get information out of them. He also stood by his previous proposal to ban Muslims from entering the country.
Both candidates received criticism from Democrats and law enforcement officials, including New York Police Department Commissioner Bill Bratton.