Trump: Press holds me to a different standard
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“They do it with me, but I don’t see them doing it with other people,” Trump told his supporters at a rally in Racine, Wis. “For instance, I watched [John] Kasich today on CNN on an abortion question, and I said, ‘what a terrible answer that was.’ ”
“He gave a horrible answer,” he said. “And so far, no press. Well, then I checked, this was hours and hours ago, nothing. Nobody cares.”
Trump faced criticism from all sides earlier this week for a series of statements on abortion. He first called for women to be punished for getting illegal abortions, and later seemed to say abortion should not be banned. His campaign issued statements walking back his comments each time.
In a Saturday interview with CNN’s Michael Smerconish, Kasich slammed Trump’s controversial comments on abortion.
“Michael, I’ve told you what I think about it,” the Ohio governor said. “I think it was inappropriate, period, end of story. Let’s move on.”
Smerconish followed up, asking whether women should be punished for having abortions if they are banned.
“Well, look, pro-life and the pro-choice movement have said that’s where you look at clinics or whatever,” Kasich said. “But you don’t lay this on women. That’s a tough enough situation for them. End of story.”   
The businessman said Saturday that other candidates get away with similar misstatements while he gets raked over the coals.  
“It’s a double standard, and I’m not complaining because we all play the game and do what we have to do,” Trump said.