Kasich: I oppose DC statehood because it would give more votes to Dems
© Greg Nash

Republican presidential hopeful John Kasich says he opposes voting rights in Congress for Washington, D.C., in part because it would give more votes to the Democratic Party.

During a meeting with the Washington Post editorial board, Kasich was asked about his vote against statehood for the District while he was in Congress and whether that was still his position.


“Yes, I would say it probably is,” he said, according to a transcript of the meeting.

Pressed further, Kasich said, “I just don’t see that we really need that, OK? I don’t know. I don’t think so.”

Post editor Jo-Ann Armao followed up by asking why D.C. residents shouldn’t have a vote in Congress if they pay taxes and serve in the military.

“What it really gets down to, if you want to be honest, is because they know that’s just more votes in the Democratic Party,” Kasich said.

Later in the interview, Kasich said he was unsure about his stance on the issue, telling columnist Ruth Marcus, “Maybe I’ll have to flip-flop my position, OK?  I don’t know. Let me look at it. Let me think about it.”

Last week, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser called for a citywide vote on granting the city statehood.

D.C. is represented in Congress by Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, a Democrat, but she does not have voting rights on the House floor.