Trump: I'd like Bobby Knight to endorse me
“By the way, would I like to get Coach Bobby Knight, who is a great coach, his endorsement,” Trump told supporters at a rally in Waterbury, Conn., on Saturday. 
“Tough, strong, smart. I would like to get that for Indiana, I’ll tell you what. To me, that would be a great endorsement.” 
Knight, who coached Indiana basketball from 1971 until 2000, was known for his combative nature. He famously threw a chair across the court during a game and allegedly manhandled players. 
He was fired in 2000 for conflicts with some of his players, though he’s still beloved by many Indiana fans. Knight won three national championships while coaching the program, and later coached Texas Tech’s basketball team for several years.
Indiana’s presidential primary is May 3. Trump has a slim lead in polls.