The Republican Party’s Growth and Opportunity project has another critic, this time from a newly formed get-out-the-vote (GOTV) oriented super-PAC.

The Real Conservatives National Committee (Real CNC), a new super-PAC designed to aid conservatives in the 2014 midterm elections, slammed the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) report, calling it “too late and unhelpful to grassroots conservatives.”


“This report (or 'Autopsy') says what we have known all along — that unfocused and undisciplined campaign tactics will not win elections,” Lorie Medina, chairman of the Real CNC, said in a release.

“It is also ridiculous to spend $10 million on a ‘re-branding campaign,’ ” Medina said, labeling it the “type of strategy that doomed the party in 2012.”

The RNC’s report, released last week, was met with mostly negative reception from conservatives who saw it as an attempt to move the party closer to the Democrats’ positions.

Instead, the Real CNC is throwing its weight behind mounting primary challenges to “defeat establishment Republican members of the House and Senate” during the 2014 Republican primaries.

“Local grassroots conservatives are going to out-organize, out-hustle, and out-work the establishment candidates anointed by the string-pullers inside the Beltway,” Medina said.

“This is not ‘we hate the RNC’, this is ‘we’re tired of waiting on the RNC,’ ” Medina said in a phone interview with The Hill.

Though establishment Republicans have been critical of grassroots efforts and point to GOP losses in the Senate, Medina isn’t worried about a Todd Akin or Richard Mourdock type of situation.

“By listening to what we’re going to do, [those types of situations] basically can’t happen. Especially in the case of Todd Akin, he was not the grassroots’ choice at all,” she said.

To that end, the organization is sponsoring a “National Ground Game Day,” which will be held in a minimum of 50 locations around the country on June 15, 2013. This will allow for canvassing congressional districts and determining “if liberal GOP incumbents are vulnerable,” according to the organization’s website.

“If it looks like [an incumbent is vulnerable], then we’ll help put together candidate forums where local leaders can come together and speak their minds about what they believe the direction of the country should be,” Medina said. Doing so will help local activists decide who should be their congressman, and the Real CNC will work to give them the GOTV tools to succeed.

The Real CNC’s website says the group will work toward “removing the political consultant class” from the primary process, replacing it with “a new political infrastructure powered with low cost, state-of-the-art, voter contact technologies.” In addition, the super-PAC promises to avoid spending money on “wasteful television commercials” or “needless and ineffective rallies and petitions.”