Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman (R) will spend more than $100 million of her personal fortune on her run for governor of California. 

Two days after winning the Republican gubernatorial nomination, Whitman injected another $20 million of her own money into her campaign, the Sacramento Bee reported Tuesday.

She has already spent $88 million on her effort to succeed outgoing Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R).

Whitman is approaching what New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg spent on his race last year. During the 2009 mayor’s race, Bloomberg spent $109.9 million getting reelected.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reported Monday than in 2007, "an eBay employee claimed that Ms. Whitman became angry and forcefully pushed her in an executive conference room at eBay’s headquarters." As a result, eBay had to pay close to $200,000 to avert a lawsuit.

Whitman faces state Attorney General Jerry Brown (D) in November.