White House Deputy press secretary Bill Burton said Monday that President Obama doesn't view Democrat Bill White's decision to steer clear of his visit to Texas as an insult. 

He also noted that no one's campaign is being hurt by the money Obama is raising for Democrats today.

The president is in Texas to headline two Democratic fundraisers and talk education at the University of Texas. But former Houston Mayor Bill White (D) who's taking on Gov. Rick Perry (R) in the fall is campaigning halfway across the state.

Asked about the candidate's absence, Burton said Obama thinks "candidates should make their own decisions about how to best spend their time. He definitely does not take that as an insult."

As to whether White's decision is a broader sign that Democrats are worried a connection to Obama will be a drag on their campaigns this year, Burton said it reflects nothing more than the fact that "Bill White had something else going on today that he would rather do than campaign with the president."

He added: "I think that there has never been a president in the history of this great country who has been wanted by every single candidate across the country to come and campaign for them."

"I don't think anybody’s campaign is being hurt by the funds that the president is raising for the effort today," said Burton. "The president balances his time by taking a look at a map and seeing where he can be most helpful and when."