Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) is denying an accusation from a Florida blogger who wrote over the weekend that Huckabee offered his endorsement to Florida gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott for $250,000. 

The blogger said the information came from a source inside the Scott campaign, and claimed the candidate rejected the offer.

Scott, who is largely self-funding his campaign, is locked in a tight primary with Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum (R). Huckabee has publicly backed McCollum, and headlined a rally with him ahead of Tuesday's primary.

HuckPAC responded forcefully Monday, calling the claim an outright lie and denying any contact between Huckabee and Scott. 

"Governor Mike Huckabee has never had a conversation with Rick Scott or anyone on his staff about such matters," HuckPAC's Hogan Gidley said in a statement Monday. "In fact, at the time the Scott campaign claims this was being discussed, Governor Huckabee had already early voted for Bill McCollum." 

"This lie from a mysterious source within the Rick Scott campaign shows how dishonest and desperate his campaign is," Gidley continued. "If Rick Scott made this claim, he needs to publicly and immediately admit this is total lie — and if he didn’t say it, he needs to fire whichever member of his campaign staff said it."

Ahead of Tuesday's primary, polls in the state show the McCollum-Scott race is too close to call.