There was a reason the Republican Governors Association delayed the release of its fundraising numbers — they were still counting the checks.

The committee announced Thursday it had raised a whopping $31 million in the third quarter. To put that in context, the Democratic Governors Association announced last week it raised $10 million in the same period.

Both committees are tasked with helping their party's nominees in gubernatorial contests. The RGA is headed by Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour (R), a former lobbyist noted for his fundraising prowess. The DGA is headed by first-term Delaware Gov. Jack Markell.

The RGA has now raised more than $59 million this cycle and ended September with $31.5 million cash on hand. Its Democratic counterpart has $13 million cash on hand.

The Republicans have set a goal of controlling 30 governorships after Election Day. To do that, the RGA will have to win 24 of the 37 gubernatorial elections taking place this year. Democrats control 19 of the governors' mansions up for grabs.