The Republican Governors Association (RGA) is blasting George state Sen. Jason Carter (D), former President Carter’s grandson and a candidate for governor, over his support for ObamaCare.

The new 30-second video ad says the healthcare law is making insurance coverage more expensive and is costing jobs.


“So why would Jason Carter say expanding ObamaCare should be on the table, when we don’t want more ObamaCare? And why would Jason Carter support using Georgia tax dollars to promote ObamaCare?” the narrator asks.

“Jason Carter and ObamaCare — two bad ideas Georgia should take off the table,” the ad continues. 

The ad is the latest from the RGA this year using the healthcare law to attack Democratic gubernatorial candidates.

Carter, 38, announced his bid last fall to challenge incumbent Gov. Nathan Deal (R) in November.

Carter has served in the Georgia state Senate since 2010. Deal, 71, was elected governor in 2010 after resigning from Congress earlier that year.

A recent poll by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution found Deal’s refusal to expand Medicaid under ObamaCare has only satisfied a small portion of voters and turned off a chunk of independents. 

The survey found 13 percent of Republican voters said Deal’s decision made them more inclined to vote for him. Forty percent of voters, by contrast, said it made them less likely to vote for Deal, including 42 percent of independents.

Carter hasn’t aired a campaign ad yet, while Deal’s campaign has launched a series of ads highlighting the governor’s record on jobs, the Journal-Constitution reports.