Ohio attorney general announces gubernatorial bid
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Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine (R) joined a crowded list of gubernatorial candidates on Sunday in the Buckeye State. 

DeWine, a two-term Republican attorney general, highlighted issues faced by many Ohioans such as drugs, education and poverty in his announcement.

“Ohio is a great state. But, we have some very significant problems. ... The vision of the future for far too many Ohio adults is obscured by poverty, drugs and despair,” he said.


“We cannot stand by and lose a generation of children to addiction. I will take the lead and get us ahead of this epidemic,” he said.

DeWine’s announcement comes as Gov. John Kasich (R), whose term ends in 2019, has become increasingly more vocal criticizing GOP leadership in Washington, most notably the Republican-backed healthcare reform plan.

Other GOP candidates for the governor’s office include Rep. Jim Renacci, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted and Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor.