Wyoming Gov. Dave Freudenthal (D) announced Thursday he won't try for a third term. The popular Democrat is term-limited, but observers thought he would seek to challenge the law in court and run again. National Dems are now saying they're "unenthusiastic" about holding the Wyoming governor's mansion.

From the AP:

Freudenthal won two elections as a Democrat by taking his no-nonsense, conservative message door-to-door across the state, a proven strategy in sparsely populated Wyoming.

"It is an incredible honor to be governor, particularly in a state like this where you get to know the people," Freudenthal said. "And for better or for worse, all 533,000 of them have got an opinion."

Freudenthal said he wasn't worried about the prospect of challenging the state's term limit law. The Wyoming Supreme Court already has held that the law was unconstitutional for state legislators.

While several prominent Wyoming Republicans have announced they will seek their party's nomination to run for governor this fall, Democrats in the state have been waiting to see what Freudenthal would decide.

"I've certainly communicated to them over time that they shouldn't be counting on me running," Freudenthal said of the state Democratic Party. "And I'm hopeful that they'll find qualified candidates.