Former NFL star Jon Runyan (R) continues to put up anemic fundraising numbers that may hamper his ability to mount a strong challenge to Rep. John Adler (D-N.J.).

Runyan, a top recruit for the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), has only $134,692 cash on hand ahead of the June 8 primary. From April 1 to May 19 he raised $75,095 but spent $77,961 during the same time. His committee is also carrying $112,206 in debt.

One bright spot in his report is that none of the contributions were his own money — an improvement over the last quarter, when he lent his effort $100,000.

Democrats are pointing to Runyan’s fundraising numbers as the latest example of an underachieving NRCC recruit.

But the former Philadelphia Eagle still has time to turn things around. He will likely get through the primary without having to launch a last-minute ad blitz against his primary opponent — Republican rival Justin Murphy reported having just $3,918 left in the bank. 

Still, the numbers are a troubling sign for one the GOP's top prospects in the Northeast.

Meanwhile, the pre-primary report for Adler wasn't yet available. He reported having $1,670,029 banked in his last quarter's Federal Election Commission report. Adler faces a nominal primary challenge from progressive Democrat Barry Bendar.