Republican challengers have seized on the House majority leadership's decision not to pass a budget blueprint this year.

Eight top GOP challengers from New Hampshire to Texas sent out releases Tuesday blasting Democratic incumbents on their handling of the budget.

A strategist for the National Republican Congressional Committee said its candidates will continue to point out that, by failing to produce a budget, Democrats are missing an opportunity to rein in government spending and provide the fiscal discipline.

"Families throughout Ohio and the nation, have to make tough decisions and balance their budgets but Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy thinks we can run a multi-trillion dollar spending program without a plan," Republican House candidate Steve Stivers said in a release from his campaign.

Republican challengers Frank Guinta in New Hampshire, Jaime Herrera in Washington State, Jeff Perry in Massachusetts, Bill Flores in Texas, Jim Renacci in Ohio, Chris Cox in New York and Tom Marino in Pennsylvania also sent out similar releases.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) confirmed this week the House wouldn't pass a budget blueprint in 2010.

The House instead will put forth a "budget enforcement resolution" rather than a blueprint that looks beyond next year and calculates five or 10 years' worth of deficit figures.

--Jared Allen contributed to this post.