Georgia Rep. John Barrow (D) is hedging on whether he'd support Nancy Pelosi for another term as speaker of the House.

His Republican challenger, Ray McKinney, has been attempting to tie him to Pelosi and Congressional Democrats.

"John Barrow portrays himself and everybody believes he's a conservative Democrat, which makes some people comfortable," McKinney said recently. "But the fact is that John Barrow is not a conservative Democrat, except in campaigns."

When asked by the Savannah Morning News whether he'd vote for Pelosi for another term as speaker, Barrow's spokeswoman, Jane Brodsky, didn't directly answer the question.

"November is a long way off," Brodsky said. "Congressman Barrow doesn’t even know who's running."

Barrow bucked his party earlier this year by voting against healthcare reform. He faced a primary challenge as a result but won handily.