The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee almost doubled its August fundraising total last month.

Calling it one of its "strongest fundraising months in history," the House Democrats' campaign arm pulled in $15.9 million in September. It now has $41.6 million to spend in the final three weeks of the campaign, a spokeswoman said.

The DCCC's Republican counterpart had a stronger September, too, but it still lags behind its rival. The National Republican Congressional Committee raised $11.2 million last month and, after spending $17.8 million in September, now has some $19 million in the bank for the final campaign stretch. 


A spokesman for the NRCC noted that September saw the committee rake in the highest number of contributions from small donors — $2.9 million — since the peak of the healthcare debate last spring.

Still, Democrats have a significant financial advantage. A spokeswoman said the DCCC planned to spend another $40 million on TV ads before Election Day.

The NRCC also has been on an ad spending blitz. The Hill reported a few weeks ago Republicans were on the air in 30 districts, while the DCCC had reserved ad time in 57 districts but only run ads in a dozen.